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This article is a review of Qualify me. If you search around for Qualify me reviews you will find many positive review of the business and we wanted to add our say.
Qualify me is a provider of RPL and they  work to help men and women like you acquire the skills needed to start a career with a trade skill. This could be anything from becoming an electrician, plumber, carpenter, bricklayer, roofer, plasterer, and more. They start by gathering information on your previous employment and/or academic history. They delve into your resume, highlighting your strengths so that we can tailor customer service.

One of the first things Qualify Me do is perform a detailed and thorough skills check. They use this check to gauge your current level of proficiency. Using our findings as a base line, we further customize course elements to meet the your needs.

Qualify me offer both full-time and part-time course, which cover a range of vocational curricula. Course content is bespoke an unique to the service we provide. They also provide materials in a range of the most common languages, such as English, Spanish, French, and Hindi. Therefore, if English is your second language… then They’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a closer look at some of their courses: Back flow Prevention and RPZ focuses on core plumbing skills. This course is and end-to-end course that features many of the most up-to-date plumbing techniques. What’s more… we often have the pleasure of having our lessons taught by local plumbing professionals who have real, on-the-job experience, which they are happy to share with their students.

Disconnect/Reconnect License is our electrician course. Much like our plumber courses, these sessions provide students with a grounding in electrics… no pun intended. Initial course elements solely focus on health, safety, and protective equipment. After all… electrics are serious business. All student must complete the initial modules before being progressed onto more advanced disciplines.

Thermostat Mixing Valves: For all intents and purposes, this is a bolt on to our plumbing course. However, this curriculum focuses on… you guessed it… thermostats and/or mixing valves, which are common place among commercial buildings and hospitals. The demands of this particular niche is so great that it needs its own, dedicated course.

Qualify Me is  an international school; therefore international students are very welcome. We take applications from all countries. Thier only limitation are those countries that have sanctions imposed by the United Nations. Other requirements include a competency in reading and writing for one or more of the of the following languages: English/Spanish/French/Hindi. Other non-English speaking languages can be accommodated… but we will need enough notice to ensure provision for the student/students that intend to study with us.

An added perk of choosing to work with them is  that they will provide you with a free course welcome pack and introductory guide!

By choosing qualifyme you can rest assured that all your vocational needs are being met. Their  highly skilled trainers are on hand to guide you through the rigors of training. They are also available for significant one-to-one time, which is excellent for beginners and/or anyone who needs that extra level of reassurance and support.


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