How to Unclog a Slow Running Sink Drain in Your Bathroom

A slow running sink drain shouldn’t be marked as a minor problem because letting it stay that way for a long time can cause further damages to your drainage system and would even lead to even bigger problems. To ensure that you don’t let this problem prolong its stay in your drainage system and fix it right away, there is a natural solution in which you can use common solvents that, are usually found inside your home. So if ever you have this problem right now, check out this simple solution that will get rid of your drainage problem.

Get your materials ready – There’s no doubt that there are lots of drain cleaner products available on the market but these things can be corrosive and may even cause allergic reactions as well as respiratory problems. As a safer alternative, you can make use of common household items such as baking soda, vinegar, rags, lemon, and boiling water. Just get them all ready and prepare for the next step.

Measure out all of your materials – Take 1 cup of white vinegar, ½ cup of baking soda, and 1 large pot of boiling water. You can also use sink stopper as a handy kind of tool.

Pour in the baking soda into the drain – When pouring the baking soda, make sure that it goes directly into the drain instead of just going to the sink. This will ensure that the baking soda will be effective since it will go directly to the clogged area of the drainage.

Pour a cup of white vinegar – Doing this will provide a similar reaction to your volcano experiment way back when you were in grade school. There will be a fizzing noise once the white vinegar comes in contact with the baking soda wherein you will then see some bubbles come up because of its chemical reaction. If you’re not familiar with it, just know that it is a normal reaction and would let you know that the chemicals in there are eating away the blockage in your sink.

Plug the drain using a sink stopper or an old rag – You should do this step immediately after you’ve poured in the white vinegar into the sink with baking soda all over it. It will prevent any bubbles from rising and all of that chemical reaction will focus on the clog. It will ensure that the reaction is well-concentrated on the problem and that it will soon take away the blockage.

Wait for 15 minutes – Let the magic of white vinegar, and baking soda do their work here. While waiting for its effects, you should go ahead and boil some water in a pot which will be used for a little while.

Pour into the pot of boiling water – This final step will push down the vinegar, blockage, and baking soda to restore its flow. Try to observe if the draining of the sink is going a bit faster than usual. If there is still some blockage, then perhaps you should give it another try. You can also repeat the process again if ever it still poses some problems for you.

Tips on Troubleshooting Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems can occur at any time, and when that happens, it can be devastating especially if it involves leakage in your plumbing system. Whenever plumbing problems, happen, it’s important that every household owner should know how to perform basic fixing so that the problem will be temporarily fixed until a professional plumber arrives on the scene. This will prevent any further damage to your plumbing system. So check out these common plumbing problems that may arise and how you can fix them.

Listen for dripping sounds – If you have a busy and noisy home, then a simple dripping sound can be easily missed. Even though that a dripping faucet won’t seem to waste huge amounts of water, each drop can contribute a lot to thousands of gallons of water that has been wasted. To resolve this, do the task sometime early in the morning or late at night so that everything will be quiet and you will be able to hear this noise in your house.

Look for signs of leakage along your walls or near your plumbing fixtures – If a pipe containing water becomes corroded, it can either develop cracks or loose fittings thus giving way to wasted water. Mold, darkened surfaces, or even puddles of water will start to form under these leaks. If ever the problem lies within the wall cavity, you may have to remove the plaster, wallboard, or panel to fix it. Whatever the case is, you should do it quick to avoid further damage to other areas in your home.

Check your water meter – Municipal water systems incorporates the use of meters to measure the volume of water that is being used and if you try to turn every faucets and other appliances that makes use of water in your home, the flow will increase. Find the water meter in your home, read how much of the amount is displayed, then wait for at least an hour or 2 to see if water has passed through even though you haven’t been using any at your home. If there are small leaks in your system, then it won’t budge the meter that much and it can be harder to detect if you use this technique.

Know what causes the “slow drain” problem – If the problem only occurs to a single sink, then it is likely that the individual pipe is causing the problem instead of the main line. So make sure that you troubleshoot your other sinks to see if they too are experiencing slow drains as well.

Try to flush any clogged drains with hot water – The first thing you should do to resolve this is plug the drain and then fill it with hot water. Let it stay like that for a while and after a few minutes, unplug it, and the water will pour into the drain then it will go straight to the clogged materials in the pipes. The hot water will dissolve them, and your pipes will return to flowing normally.


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